The 10 Best Beds For Small Rooms

The need for space saving bed is paramount for every homeowners and user around the world. So it is very essential to choose the right bed size for bedrooms.

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Remember how big and small your bed is will determine the space available in your bedroom. On this note, this necessitated this article.

When choosing a bed for your room, it is better to look at the space available in the room, before buying a bed. When you are able to ascertain the size of your bedroom, then you can determine if it is a big or small bed size you want to go for.

For the benefit of this article, there is a need to buy a small bed size for your bedroom, if you are having a space challenge. There are various designs, types of small bed suitable for a small or mini bedroom.

Characteristics That The Bed Should Have

Before we look at the various types of bed suitable for a small room, let’s look at some features or characteristics of small beds:

  • Ability To Store
  • It is Durable
  • Size compatibility
  • Movable or foldable

Ability To Store

A small size bed must be able to store personal valuables within the bed, without looking for extra space in the room.

Storage feature is one of the things that makes people go for bed for small rooms. Ensure you buy the bed with storage enhancement.


It must be durable. Every bed you purchase for a small bedroom must stand the test of time. It must be made of quality materials.

Size Compatibility

It must be compatible with the available space in the room.

Movable or Foldable

It should have the ability to be moved or folded in order to get more space.

Types Of Beds Suitable For Small Rooms

The following are some of the top 10 beds suitable for a small room with an explanation:

  • Sleigh Bed
  • Captain’s Bed
  • Platform Bed
  • Storage Bed
  • Canopy Bed
  • Twin Bunk Bed
  • Lofted Bed
  • Regular Bed
  • Murphy Bed
  • Sleeper Sofas

Sleigh Bed

Sleigh Bed 1

This is one of the most suitable beds for a small room. The sleigh bed is ideal and perfect for individuals who do not have a large space in their bedrooms. It is arranged alongside the wall structure.

It curled-overhead will make it look extremely great and awesome in your bedroom. If you desire a small bed with a cozy look, then this decorated bed is a must for you.

Captain’s Bed

Captain's Bed 1

If there is so much scarcity of space in your bedroom and you wonder where to place a bed. I indulge you not to worry, with Captain’s bed your worries are over. Captain’s bed will not only economize your bedroom space but also give an additional storage place for you.

Captain’s bed comes with a set of drawers that can aid you to store some personal belongings, like cosmetics, clothes and many more without searching for an extra place. It has a frame with drawers underneath that can store clothes.

Platform Bed

Platform Bed 1

This is another room bed suitable for smaller rooms. If your ceiling is very low and tends to congest the space in your room, the platform bed is the perfect bed for your room. Platform bed makes your room look bigger, due to the fact that it’s on the floor. This bed is very good and attractive for small bedrooms.

Storage Bed

Storage Bed 1

As the name implies, it enables you to have more space in your bedroom. All is required is to simply lift up the bed to access your clothes, shoes and any other personal belongs. This storage bed is very unique, it enhances storage of any kinds of personal valuables that you lack space for.

Canopy Bed

Canopy Bed 1

Do not reject the name or how it sounds. The canopy bed is one of the standout bed for a small bed, it lifts the outlines of the room in a more unique way, it brings about well decorated and painted room styles, it brings the efficacy of artwork in the room. This bed is very suitable for a small bedroom and art lovers.

Twin Bunk Bed

Twin Bunk Bed 1


A twin bunk bed will give you space than what you could ever imagine. It will grant you a large space in your bedroom than what a full bed can offer you. The bed is a perfect match for those looking for ways to increase space in their various bedrooms.

Lofted Bed

Lofted Bed 1

Do you really desire an extra floor space in your bedroom? if yes, getting a lofted bed won’t be a bad idea. It is one of the best bed sizes for a small bedroom. There are several storage places underneath, where you can easily store or keep your things, like your books, and other personal stuff.

Regular Bed

Regular Bed 1

This regular bed implies beds that are not platform-like. That is a bed that is far off the ground to suits storage space underneath. This regular bed is one of the right beds for small bedrooms. It helps to store different personal belongings underneath.

Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds 1

This bed is very unique and stylish in nature. This is a fold down bed that looks like a cabinet.in other words, this bed can be folded when you are done sleeping on it. This, therefore, creates additional space in the room. It is movable, and it is also foldable. It is a must buy a bed for everyone who desires an extra space in their bed.

Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper Sofas 1

A sleeper sofa is also a perfect bed choice for a small room. Most especially if the small room in question is not your original bedroom. You can use a sleeper sofa for relaxing your nerves or having a quiet time. The sleeper sofa is very good and extremely beautiful. It has different designs you can choose from.

Conclusively, there is no doubt that everyone under planet earth desires a spacious room, where you can relax with easy without hassle. For one to attain this objective, you need a small size bed that can create additional space in your room. With the aforementioned list of beds suitable for a small room can create additional space in the bed.

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