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The Best Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits

Bergamot is a plant that produces citrus-like fruits. The tree comes from the Rutaceae family, and you get the oil by extracting it from its fruit.

To get the best supply of bergamot oil it is advisable to extract it during winter from newly ripened fruits.

One can get about 2 liters of oil from 100 kilograms of bergamot fruits. The oil is extracted from the fruit using the steam distillation process which separates the bergamot oil from other essential oils.

bergamot oil benefits

Bergamot oil is thought to be one of the best aromatic oils ( if not the best ) because it’s fragrance can last up to 24 hours.

When the oil is applied on the skin, the person will experience either a cold or hot sensation, this is due to the fact that the oil is strong.

It is because of this that only a few drops are used during aromatherapy and even at that it can’t be applied directly, you must first apply sunscreen. The oil can be used for all types of skin and hair treatments.

The Health Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oils

Bergamot is thought to be a cross between a sour orange and a lemon, this is what makes the fruit have a pleasant smell.

Bergamot oil possesses many health benefits, that’s why it is used in aromatherapy and other medical practices.

Some of the main benefits of bergamot oil are listed below:

  • Helps in Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Control
  • Skin care
  • Relieves pain
  • Reduces Fever
  • Heals infection
  • It Reduces Depression
  • Deodorant
  • Helps in hormonal secretions
  • Reduces tension and stress

It Reduces Depression

Bergamot oil possesses the chemicals alpha-pinene and limonene which are good at relaxing the blood vessels, they also act as antidepressants and creates the sensation of freshness.

These chemicals also act on nerves by producing a calming effect. This can be seen by inhaling the fragrance.

Helps in Digestion

Bergamot oil is used in ancient Chinese medicine, to help chi flow so that the digestive system can work effectively.

Bergamot oil can be used to relieve indigestion and gas. It aids digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices.

It also aids digestion by increasing muscle activity in the gut, this allows food to be digested faster.

Bergamot oil also stimulates the intestines to absorb nutrients better and at the same time, remove digestive waste from the body.

To regulate your appetite or to help digestion, use five drops of the oil and massage the oil on your stomach.

Helps in Hormonal Secretions

Bergamot oil helps the body stimulate glands which lead to the effective secretion of hormones, digestive juices, bile, insulin.

These substances help the body regulate their metabolic activities. Just apply 2-3 drops of oil on the abdominal region.

Heals Infection

Bergamot oil is helpful in healing wounds, reducing scars, marks, ¬†acne, and soothing irritating skin. This is all due to the oil’s antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

These properties are what makes this oil useful in the soap making industry. If applied properly, bergamot oil can be used to treat urinary, and colon infections.

Reduces Tension And Stress

As with depression, this oil can be used to relieve tension and stress. This effect is mostly gotten by using a diffuser or an oil burner. Aromatherapy is also an effective tool.

Bergamot oil is good at relieving these ailments because it stimulates the hormones dopamine, serotonin which are known for fostering mental calmness, relaxation, and sedation.

Relieves Pain

Bergamot oil is used as a pain reliever because it can inhibit some pain receptors or at least reduce their sensitivity.

So in a lot of cases where people don’t have access to ibuprofen or any painkiller, bergamot oil is used as a substitute. It is quite effective at relieving headaches, muscle aches, and minor pains. 5 drops should do the trick.


The fragrance or scent of this oil is one of its best properties. This is why it is used in the perfume industry.

Also combined with the sweet smell and antiseptic properties, the oil becomes quite effective at battling body odor as it gives you a sweet scent and fights the germs that cause it.

Just apply the oil to your armpits or mix it with your deodorant. Doing this will make body odor a thing of the past.

Reduces Fever

Bergamot oil can also be used to reduce fever as its fight against the bacteria, protozoa, and viruses that cause it.

Also, it helps to reduce body temperature by reducing the amount of sweat and sebum that is produced by their respective glands. Increase in the secretion of these glands leads to increase in body temperature.

Dental Care

The oil can also be used as a mouthwash. This helps to cleanse infected teeth of germs thereby preventing the teeth from cavities and other dental ailments.

Bergamot oil is also said to treat anemia causing intestinal worms.

Blood Sugar Control

Studies say that taking a small amount of Bergamot essential oils will help to lower blood sugar levels.

As we said before, this oil helps in the secretion of bile, insulin and other digestive juices. These substances allow carbohydrates to be effectively digested, absorbed and controlled efficiently.

Skin Care

Bergamot oil is a natural cicatrizant or cell regenerative agent that reduces skin blemishes and scars on the skin.

Also, it’s antiseptic properties allow it to remove acne and it’s oily nature works on the skins pigments and dark spots. This is why bergamot oil is used in the soap, cream and shampoo industry.

And lastly this oil has been found to be effective at combating food poisoning, that is the bacteria that cause food poisoning. Also inhaling the scent is said to relieve some respiratory problems.

That’s quite a lot huh, but before using this oil consult your doctor first, you don’t know if you’re allergic or something. So that’s it folks hope this article was helpful.

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