The Best Face Sunscreen For Oily Skin

Sunscreens are seen by many as a savior of their skin as it has been able to save them from many conditions and effects of the sun like burns and rashes etc.

It is not all good, although some might have a detrimental effect on some people, in general, it is a great Invention as a whole.

Sometimes many fear that the Sunscreens might worsen the case of their skin and if they have oily skin it would make it more oily and if they had dry or scaly skin it could make it worse.

Face Sunscreen For Oily Skin

Also, people who have acne prone skin tend to be scared of using the Sunscreens as they feel it might bring out these acnes more. You might want to take a moment to understand why these fears exist.

Sunscreens usually come in the form of an extra layer on the skin and since the skin is very sensitive to any wrong formulation. So it is very important you know the sunscreen that suits your face and the one that does not.

Faces which are easily oily usually have worse problems with picking the right sunscreen. The whole idea of an oily face using sunscreen is contradicting as sunscreen usually greases itself.

So why do you add grease to your already greasy face when the aim is to remove grease. More so, there are so many products available as Sunscreens, some are great and some are on the average while there are still bad ones.

Knowing the right sunscreen to pick for your oily face is very vital and your face health is important.

Different Type of Sunscreens

There is a different type of Sunscreens that protect you from the sun. But this is just one of the solutions that come with using sunscreen.

There are other things to consider like, would it blend with your skin, would it mix well with your make up, what happens when you sweat, etc.

There are different kinds of skin types and there are different kinds of Sunscreens, you must find the sunscreen that suits your skin type, not only the sun protection but a glowing face, and make you look more beautiful.

When you have the required knowledge about sunscreen and you know how to differentiate a good one from a bad one.

There are Sunscreens known as comedogenic Sunscreens, they are usually great for oily skins as said by a dermatologist.

They have the ability to control, monitor and regular oil production of the skin and they make sure your skin pores are not closed by these oils.

List of The Most Recommended Face Sunscreens For Oily Skin

  • Murad Skin Age Defense SPF 50
  • DRMTLGY Anti Aging Face Sunscreen SPF 45
  • Bioderma Sensibio Kit for Sensitive Skin
  • Kaya Skin Clinic SPF 25 Ultra Light Sunscreen
  • Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad SPF 50

Murad Skin Age Defense SPF 50

When you have got very oily skin and you need sunscreen, this should be one of the first Sunscreens you think it about.

Firstly the sun is so far from you even when you are in it. There is virtually no type of light that can harm your face with this one. It keeps away the ultra-boiler light from the sun, it keeps away the infrared light. It keeps away blue lights harm, laser lights, etc.

It is so good I am not sure you can do an x-ray with this sunscreen. It makes sure your oily skin is kept as dry as it should be and it makes sure your dry skin is also in great oily conditions as well.

It just creates a balance in everything. In it, you have vitamin c which is known to be great for the skin.

DRMTLGY Anti Aging Face Sunscreen SPF 45

The greatest thing about this sunscreen is comparing how great it is to the price that comes with it and many do not understand why it is so cheap yet so great.

First, it is extremely great for oily skin as it just dries up all the oil and it also makes sure they don’t block the skin pores so you don’t build up acne.

Even as it dries up the skin oil it still has the ability to hydrate your skin when it is dry and it cannot go scaly.

The skin magic ingredient in this one is the hyaluronic acid as this substance has been known to be great for the skin.

Bioderma Sensibio Kit For Sensitive Skin

This is one skin product that keeps aging at bay and no matter how old you are. This product can still give you a nice skin and it would be better than what it used to be.

It is great for oily faces as is found as constituents of many makeups and is also used as makeup. It is like killing two birds with one stone as you are mooning beautiful and keeping the sun away.

It has a very dry touch and has fluid which makes your face very dry.

Kaya Skin Clinic SPF 25 Ultra Light Sunscreen

Many have tried this and many In that lot has concluded that this is the best sunscreen for oily face.

Your face doesn’t just get greasy with this one. It also comes with other great advantages apart from the usual use as a sunscreen to prevent sunlight from coming to your face and prevent sunburn.

It also prevents tanning, this is quick to action. It is part of the class of sunscreen called the noncomedogenic and they just don’t add extra weight to the face.

Obagi Sun Shield Matte Broad SPF 50

This is another great product for oily faces and sun protection. It is used under makeup so your makeup doesn’t get ruined by sweat.

It also one of those great sunscreen products with matte finishing, it is also known to be of very little weight and it also makes you look beautiful.


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