The 10 Best Sci Fi Movies

On this article, we shall be looking at the top 10 best sci-fi movies of all time.

Though rating these movies is not easy, but surely worth the time and energy to bring you the very best sci-fi movie of the 21st century. No doubt that a majority of us love watching movies for various reasons.

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Many may ask what does sci-fi movies mean? sci-fi movies or science fiction film is a genre that uses technology and fictional science-based phenomena that are not accepted by mainstream science.

Whatsoever reasons you watch or surf sci-fi movie, you should acquaint yourself with the following top 10 best sci-fi movies.

List of The Most Acclaimed Science Fiction Films

The following are the list of top 10 best sci-fi movies:

  • Brazil
  • Phase IV
  • Blade Runner
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Hellboy
  • The Matrix
  • Star Wars
  • RoboCop
  • A Space Odyssey
  • E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Brazil (Year: 1985)

It’s wonderful to figure out to construct a framework that would make society run easily or make more secure and better lives. if Terry Gilliam is correct, the system most likely pulverizes everyone in the society.

best sci fi movies BRAZIL

This may not occur by plans, however through errors in administrative and paper works.

Brazil imagines a systemic failure in the future where innovation and government are woven into a societal jail where individuals are further separated from each other than at any other time.

A mix up attacks like the one that commences the film happen all the time in our everyday life.

Yet Gilliam’s vision stays strong and terrifying in light of the fact that the covering creep of organization could at present sneak up on us, and we’ll most likely think it is for our own advantage.

Phase IV (Year: 1974)

This movie is indeed sci-fi in nature. This movie is super exciting; you get lost watching this film.

best sci fi movies Phase IV

It solely based on pure experience that thrives in a genre film framework. The apex of this design is the merging of a man and insect. It is a must watch a sci-fi movie.

Blade Runner (Year: 1982)

Ridley Scott the director of this great movie made a special effort to envision 2019 Los Angeles as an entirely bad place to live in.

best sci fi movies Blade Runner

But observe the look, and the feeling of the world to note how seductive it will be visiting anywhere.

This sci-fi movie tends to bring out a different individual with torment, the disarray of fake people who acknowledge they are feeble against their pre-decided destiny. This movie features Harrison Ford in the role of investigator.

Close Encounters of The Third Kind  (Year: 1977)

The tale of the most dominant five-note jingle, this movie reveals the odd lights you see in the sky at midnight is truly from a different universe, and they begin an exciting ride through vulnerability, fear, wonder, trust.

best sci fi movies Close Encounters of the Third Kind

As a normal person who has his own experience with a non-human art, Richard Dreyfuss conveys us directly into that level where interest moves toward becoming a fixation.

Spielberg attracts together character strings where mankind’s capacity to interact is tried and at last approved in amazing silent discussion with an unrivaled knowledge.

Hellboy (Year: 2004)

best sci fi movies Hellboy

This is one of the top 10 best sci-fi movies of our time. Mike Mignola, the epic comic movie is one of the best sequential graphics stories in the 90s and 2000s. This sci-fi movie is top notch, it is an easy story to be watched.

The Matrix (Year: 1999)

This film is about technological advancement, pushing humankind to a new level of attaining departmental goals.

best sci fi movies The Matrix

The “shot time” impact in The Matrix was a standout amongst 1999’s most-replicated ideas.

The Wachowskis incorporated comic books, hardcore science fiction, and religious ideas to make this pitch-dark representation of the general public with outstanding innovation.

This movie gradually progresses toward becoming tech for the apparatus. This sci-fi film is one that cannot be undermined.

Star Wars (Year: 1977)

best sci fi movies Star Wars

This movie rewrote the history of the movie business. George Lucas ring into being the existence of this science fiction movie with his business sense and spirit. The movie emphasizes western business ideas.

RoboCop (Year: 1987)

This is an incredible sci-fi book regularly have a breeze of an irony. As extraordinary as new innovation may appear to be, we have all basically show gratitude to the unchangeable parts of human instinct.

best sci fi movies RoboCop

Paul Verhoeven took advantage of that soul with RoboCop, flooded with somber comedy and ultra-violence.

The film joins horrendous comedy of the corporate world with hints of something to look forward to for a more secure future by concentrating energy on technological advancement. This is the most significantly obscene lines in all of science fiction movie.

A Space Odyssey (Year: 1968)

This movie talks about human origin. It is a boundless imagination of Stanley Kubrick. It was created in 1968.

best sci fi movies A Space Odyssey

The major focus of this movie is to bring out the process and stages of human evolution. The movie is incredible, and there is a present of artificial images of spaceflight. This is another outstanding sci-fi movies that speak human origin through technology.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Year: 1982)

This is one of the most outstanding films of Steven Spielberg. It is all about the stranded alien, It remains one of the superior examples of the magic movie.

best sci fi movies E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

The beautiful and breathtaking aspect of this movie is amazing and a must watch again. The movie is outstanding with the kid’s combination that brought in the visitor.


The above list of sci-fi movies remains some of the best movies of our time. Though there are several others, for the sake of this article, I can only limit myself of the best top 10 sci-fi movies. It would be nice to watch these films at your own convenience, and remember to give a review of each of the movies.

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