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A birdcage is a place your bird can call their home. If you own a bird, then getting a unique and outstanding birdcage is a major necessity. There are various types, shapes, and sizes of this cage.

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For instance, if you have a larger bird like a parrot a large cage will be suitable, but if our bird is not as big as a parrot, then smaller cage will be a perfect choice. Before buying a bird cage there is a need to put into consideration the type of bird, the materials and its features.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bird Cage

There are several factors to consider before buying a bird cage with Stand. But we will limit ourselves to the following major four factors:

  • Type
  • Material
  • Features
  • Size

Bird Cage Type

The size of your bird is a major determinant of the type of cage to buy. Not all bird cages are of same size and dimensions. Hence, it is paramount to know the type of bird cage you are buying for your bird. As we know birds have a diverse group, as such, it is expedient to buy the bird cage suitable for your bird.

There are various types of a birdcage, big or small. It all depends on you to find out the right cage suitable for your bird. The advantage of having the right type of cage for your bird is to be sure that your bird is well protected.

Bird Cage Materials

There are several materials associated with bird cages. The most common use material is the iron or mental material that comes with steel. The number one reason why this is predominantly used is that the material is strong and is durable.

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More also, it is extremely impossible for your bird to chew. Also, there are other materials that you can sort for, the plastic and wooden materials. But the iron material remains the best and a must go for.

Bird Cage Features

Bird cages come with varieties of features that condition your bird to live in a more comfortable atmosphere. If you desire your birds to live in a comfortable house, the choice and the features of your desire cage must be checked.

It also, makes it simpler to care for your bird if the cage features are inconsonant with the type and nature of your bird. For instance, some cage comes with food cups, some come with a place to perch and sleep. It is important to check for various features resident in bird cages before purchase.

Bird Cage Size

Your bird should have a very large place to relax and sleep. A bird should be able to fly within its cage without impediment or obstruction. This is important because some bird owners do not give their birds the luxury to fly outside the cage.

For small birds, it is advisable to choose a small cage that is longer than the height of the bird. With 24 to 36 inches, small birds like canaries, lovebirds should be suitable. Size remains one of the major determinants in choosing the type of cage to buy for your bird. This must be put into consideration before any buys.

The Most Used Materials of Bird Cages

There are various types of bird cages. But before we proceed to the various types, as we said earlier, it should be noted that the type of bird cage is one of the major determinants of how well your bird functions.

Remember, your type of bird cage you choose for your bird must be spacious, comfortable, and must be a safe haven for your birds. The following are the various types of bird cages:

  • Steel Type
  • Plastic/metal cage
  • Wooden Types
  • Ornate Type
  • Acrylic Type

Made of Steel

The steel bird cage can also be called the stainless cage. It is suitable for every bird. It is very unique and has been tagged as the medical grade cage. It is good for the wellbeing of your bird. It deters the bird from chewing.

It is anti-rust in nature. It remains one of the sorts for among birds owners. Though the only con associated with this type of bird cage is that, it is not affordable, rather it’s very expensive but very durable and efficient.

Plastic/Metal Cage

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This type of cage is often associated with smaller birds. It is a combination of plastic base and metal bars. It is very easy to maintain. It remains one of the finest and popular cages for smaller birds. Do ensure to get a bigger size in order to allow your bird to have some exercise with ease.

Wooden Types

This is another popular type of bird cages. This bird has been around for some time now. It is conservative in nature and remains one of the oldest bird cages.

Finches find comfort in this type of cage. One of the major disadvantages of this cage is that it is difficult to clean. It is made of fancy and attractive furniture’s. It is also very expensive to buy.

Ornate Type

This is not a good fit for your bird. This type of bird cage is very dangerous, it has a lot of bars that are closed. It is not recommendable for your bird due to safety reasons.


This remains the most expensive type of bird cage. It is very pricey, this is not a good choice for every bird owner if the price is one of your major factors of buying bird cage.

You are able to see your bird clearly without any obstruction or noise. The major disappointment of this type of bird cages is that is very expensive and does not allow for ventilation.

There are other types of bird cages, like the powder coated which has replaced the wrought iron cage. The above types are some of the few types of bird cage with stand you can consider for your bird.

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