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Blu-ray vs DVD | Finally Discover Who is The Winner

You may want to ask if there are so many differences between Blu-ray and DVD. The truth is there is no direct answer.

The reason being that Blu-ray is the big brother of DVD, In other words, it all depends on individual preferences. For instance, you may want to ask a sports car or SUV, which is better? Or kitchen knife and cutlass which is best.

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With these questions, there will be variation in answers. The answer will be conditioned by individual needs.

Although Blu-ray discs look exactly like DVDs in shape an sizes but there a vast difference between the media. Hence the difference between Blu-ray and DVD is a matter of want and choice.

Similarities Between The Blu-ray And The DVD Players

Before we proceed to the differences between Blu-ray and DVD let’s look at some similarities between both Medias:

  • Both are measured in form of gigabytes
  • Laser technology is used to read information on the discs in both Medias.
  • As I said earlier, Blu-ray is the big brother of DVD. Both discs are identical during Disc Creation. Both discs have pits on the bottom layer that enhance the laser to penetrate and read information.
  • Both media image resolution is measured by the number of vertical lines times the number of horizontal lines. The higher the number the more picture quality.
  • All Blu-ray players support DVDs. In other words, there is player compatibility between both Medias.

The Difference Between Blu-ray And DVD

The difference between Blu-ray and DVD will be discussed in different subheadings, so as to give informed information on both sides. Here are some of the differences between Blu-ray and DVD with explanations:

  • Storage Capacity
  • Laser Technology
  • Disc Creation
  • Picture Quality
  • Player

Storage Capacity

There is variation in storage capacity:

Blu-ray single layer discs: store about 25 GB of data. This can measure by two hours of high definition data or 13 hours of standard definition information.

Blu-ray disc 1

Also, the double layer Blu-ray discs are made up of 50 GB which is up to 4 hours high definition information or 26 hours standard definition.

Single DVD Layer store: 4.7gb of information, which is 2 hours of a movie, DVD Double-layer store up to 8.7 gigabytes which are about 4 hours of a movie.

Laser Technology

Blu-ray: as the name implies use blue laser technology to read and store information. Its wavelengths are shorter than the red which is 405nm, and its also smaller in diameter than red lasers. This enables for easy reading of stored information.

DVD players: use red laser technology of 650nm. This wavelength is higher and longer than Blu-ray wavelengths. The laser reads and produces an image, sound on television.

Disc Creation

Blu-ray: discs have a pit that is much thinner and close together. This is because the blue laser has a shorter wavelength. It enhances Blu-ray disc to squeeze in five times.

Also, includes a protective layer to prevent it from scratches or damage. This protective layer is thinner than that of DVD.

DVD discs: have wider and larger grooves on it at the bottom. This is so because it enables disc to accommodate large wavelength. Unlike the Blu-ray disc, the pits are far from each other.

The layer can only store 4.7 GB on each disc. There is a protective layer to impede scratching. But the resistant layer in Blu-ray is stronger than that of DVD laser.

Picture Quality

As we know, blu-ray is design for a high definition image of 1080pixel. This enables HD image, with its 25 Gb of data. You can easily save or play HD movies on a single layer disc.

Blu-ray has the best image resolution compared to DVDs. The image quality is top notch. It’s among the few signal source that can display 1080p.with good picture quality.

DVD: maintains a standard definition of 480p or advanced definition of 520.the picture quality is not as high as the Blu-ray image resolution. It is very good and awesome on standard TV. The picture quality is a little bit low. It can only accommodate 30 minutes of storage of high definition data.


Blu-ray And DVD Players

All Blu-ray players: can comfortably play DVDs, though you will not enjoy high definition image. That is, you can play DVDs on Blu-ray player but it does not guarantee quality image resolution. The image displayed will differ in quality compared to an HD image when playing Blu-ray discs.

DVD players: cannot be able to play Blu-ray discs. This is so because the red laser used in these players is larger than that of Blu-ray player.

Why is Blu-ray More Preferable Than DVD?

Best Picture Quality

The picture quality of Blu-ray is top-notch. It cannot be compared to the standard image that comes with DVDs. People preferable quality stuffs that a normal image. This remained one of the reasons why people tend to choose Blu-ray over DVDs.

More Storage Capacity

We cannot deny the fact that the storage capacity of Blu-ray is far higher than that of DVD. People around the world need media that can contain or store their movies or information in one place or disc and Blu-ray has given this option.

Blu-ray Disc Player

Unlike the DVD disc players, the Blu-ray disc players are not selective. It can play all the DVD discs without hassle.

Blu-ray player 1

Video/Audio Quality

Also Blu-ray video and audio quality is super unique. It has higher quality than DVDs.

With the above reasons and many more, people all over the world tend to prefer Blu-ray over DVD. There is no doubt that both are identical in nature, but Blu-ray remains the big brother of DVD.


On the final note, the variation between Blu-ray and DVD is not much. So also, there are similarities between them. It should be noted that the Blu-ray storage capacity is far higher than the DVDs, also the high definition or image resolution of the Blu-ray cannot be undermined.

The positivity or advantages related to Blu-ray outweighs DVD performance. In order to get Blu-ray at an affordable price that suits your budget check our reviews.


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