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The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmet

When music is concerned there are just a few people who wouldn’t care and just a few more that wouldn’t be in the bracket of love for music. As almost everyone loves music and that’s just because you just want to be safe.

Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmet (2)

The Bluetooth technology has made life easier when music is concerned as it has made different devices to be able to pair or connect with themselves just to give good, quality music with quality sound.

The idea of using Bluetooth in helmets has been a great advancement in the Bluetooth technology as it has given the bike riders something to enjoy while on the road.

This Bluetooth is usually in the helmet so they can connect it to their phones and be in their own music world while riding.

Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Helmet (1)

The upside of this is that it is wireless and you don’t have to worry about wire interference or wire clumping together.

Though many like to see this as dangerous, it brings a whole new feeling to bike riding as the Bluetooth is part of the helmet and not an external part.

It can also, be used for nearby communication maybe with other riders or friends close by. It is like a cinema on the bike as the feeling and quality of riding is enhanced just by the addition of this small feature.

There are different companies and brands in the market ready to provide you with this wonderful Bluetooth helmet.

This might be an advantage or a disadvantage as you might just get confused on what to pick and what not to pick.

We are going to be giving you the list of best Bluetooth helmets available in no particular order.  They are all great and are classified based on strength and budget.

List Of the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers

  • Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System
  • FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset
  • LEXIN LX-B2 MotoFõn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset
  • BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth modular helmet

Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Firstly this product is so hyped, it’s easy to believe it is the best Bluetooth speaker without actually using it due to the stories that follow it.

Sena 20S-01D Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Though the cost is not the greatest you would find it is quite understandable judging from the features packed in this device. It comes with 3 microphones and a helmet clamp in it.

The microphones in this package are of three types, they are, the wired mic, the static boom mic, and the wired boom mic. It also comes with its USB cable for either charging or for sharing data.

It has in its dynamic speakers too and an audio cable, it Aldi has foam covers as well as Velcro pads for the speakers. For the installation, the speakers come with a hex key.

The best feature of this bluetooth speakers for motorcycle helmet is what is called the ambient button. It allows you to hear the outside by simply pressing it. While your music is playing pressing the ambient button will take sound from your environment and send them to you.

Using this speaker you can listen to the radio, to music, take calls etc. This is one absolutely worth it.

FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

This product is a successor of the previously expensive brand and this one came to be the bridge as many can afford it and have access to its great features and ability.

FreedConn TCOM-SC Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

Though it is not as great as its predecessors it is sure a nice budget-friendly pick. It has a detachable speaker and a mic, it features speakers which are four in number and they feature adhesives. It also comes with a USB for charging.

For you to install this device, it’s quite too easy. All you just do is clamp it to your helmet. This one uses a wire to connect the speaker and the mic with each other. It features a knob for any type of navigating and two buttons, one for power and the other for other controls like calls. It uses Bluetooth technology of 3.0.

LEXIN LX-B2 MotoFõn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

This is another product that makes the list based on the fact that it gives value for your money. It gives every feature you need for your speaker. It also features a cradle as well as the main unit. Both are to be attached to the Helmet.

LEXIN LX-B2 MotoFõn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Headset

It features nice speakers as well as mics. It also has a USB port and cable for charging. In this device don’t expect things like intercom conference or multiple Bluetooth pairing but it still has nice features too.

The intercom on this one cannot connect more than two units. So it’s more like a two-man or relationship speaker. It also uses the Bluetooth version 3.0 as the pairing. And this pairing can be done with any device that has Bluetooth. It is really a good pick for anyone who needs a Bluetooth speaker for their headset.

BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet

The first comment this Bluetooth helmet gets is the fact that it is too good for its price. It pocket-friendly and it has a relatively high value and quality especially judging from the price.

BILT Techno 2.0 Sena Bluetooth Modular Helmet

Firstly talking about the Bluetooth communications, it can connect with riders far away. This connection could be as far as 100ft away and it would still be strong.

The rider you wish to connect to should be within this range which of course Is fairly a large one. This also means that communication is hands-free and you don’t have to worry about your hand leaving the bike or how you can get stable with doing both things at the same time.

Talking about helmet standards, the techno sena 2.0 also meets up the requirements as it features things like the internal drop down sun shield.

It also features a polycarbonate shell which was injected, and it features a chin detector that is fully removable if you need to.

One of the nicest things about this helmet is how it aids ventilation, it features a chin mounted airflow vent, which the ability for you to open and close it at will.

Even with all these, it might not stand with the most crazily dope Bluetooth helmets but it gives an extremely good value for your money as the others are way too expensive although extremely nice too.

The design of this one is quite simple too but it is still very stylish.


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