The Best Guide About Cat Chew Toys

Cat’s like all canine pets, can be need chew toys, these are objects that the cat can play with most times by chewing.

The problem is chew toys specifically want for cats are hard to find, which is not the case for dogs. This is due to the fact that objects like your tend not to last in the hands, well paws of cats.

Cats really need these chew toys, as do you because when your cat has teething problems they will look for the nearest available object to chew on, to take the edge off. If you aren’t watchful these objects can turn out tone your chair, shoe, clothes and so on.

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To avoid this, you may need to get your cat a chew toy, not just any cheese toy but one meant for cats. This is because cats can be very destructive and any object is not meant for them will probably not last very long with their claws, teeth and all, or they may lose interest.

A cat chew toy can also be used to relieve the cat of boredom, even children need toys why not your cat.

When choosing a chew toy for your cat you have to consider many things like, will it last? is it toxic? Stuff like that. An example of a cat toy that your cat will love is the Silvervine Sticks.

The Silvervine Sticks For Cats

As the name implies, these are sticks made from Silvervine. And is a plant that is normally found in Asia, it has many health benefits for humans but in this case, it is made especially for cats.

Silvervine also called as matatabi is known to evoke feelings of euphoria in cats, and is a well known treatment for cats in Asia.

The Silvervine Sticks For Cats 1

These sticks are usually used as an alternative to catnip, as many cats that have negative reactions with catnip respond well to Silvervine. The oils found in the sticks are responsible for all these, that’s why you should rub the sticks a little before giving them to your cat.

After chewing these sticks, your cat will normally exhibit behaviors like rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. Don’t worry it’s a normal thing, it’s perfectly safe and your cat will thank you for it.

The advantages of using Silvervine sticks are that:

  • They are a hundred percent natural ( or the one you buy should be ). There are no preservatives whatsoever.
  • They are very helpful to your cat’s dental health. Both when teething and not teething.
  • Your cat can never get tired of it, due to the sensations it evokes. This will keep your cat away from your chairs and stuff.
  • Chewing Silvervine helps to relieve stress in cats.

Apart from some natural chew toys, most cats chew toys are made from natural cotton and rubber. These materials are the best when trying to make chew toys for cats.

Made From Natural Rubber

Rubber is a very suitable material When creating toys especially ones for pets. Rubber chew toys are very durable, sometimes almost near indestructible. Rubber is very resistant to temperature, force and teeth that’s why its used for dog toys.

cat chew toys Rubber 1

Rubber made chew toys are very light and so well suited for cats. Rubber as a natural material is nontoxic, and so it is safe to use as a chew toy. Chew toys made from rubber are usually scented with a fragrance, usually vanilla, this is to prevent the toy from developing a smell due to the reaction with enzymes in the cat’s saliva.

They sometimes have a unique feature attached to them depending on the toy brand for example squeaking and whistling this helps with boredom and gets the cat’s attention. All these qualities Williams you’re cat’s attention from your shoes and clothes. Also, rubber toys will help improve the strength of your cat’s jaws.

Made From Natural Cotton

Chew toys made from cotton, like rubber are also durable. They are an awesome way to sharpen your cat’s natural predatory instincts. Cats like thread-like materials and cotton made chew toy will do just fine.

As we said before chew toys are useful to cats when they are teething, as they take the edge off. The strength of cotton chew toys will make them suitable for the task as even the sharpest teeth and claws won’t be able to tear them. They will servers remove your cat’s attention from your chairs.

cat chew toys Natural Cotton 1

Cotton chew toys can be used to clean up your cat’s teeth. Most cats don’t accept toothbrushing so one way a cat can clean its teeth is when it’s chewing a cotton chew toy, in fact out of all other chew toy materials, cotton is the best when you are thinking about your cat’s dental health. A chew toy made of natural cotton will massage the cat’s gums and helps clean the plaque buildup on your cat’s teeth.

Cotton chew toys are completely non-toxic and normally have no chemicals or plastic materials. Because it one hundred percent natural cotton it will not harm your pet in any way.

Even if they do manage to swallow some fibers it will not block the digestive tract, so it’s completely safe for even kittens.

Chew toys made from cotton are also wasting wash, plus machine friendly, so you donate problems about it being dirty.


A chew toy is one of the best things you can give your cat, at the same time you indirectly helping yourself because you’re protecting your stuff from being shredded to pieces.

In summary, a chew toy will help with your cat’s dental health and will ensure the safety of your belongings. So get one for your cat today and you won’t regret it.

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