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Contacts VS Glasses (Complete Guide)

There are so many that will stand with glasses so strongly that they could argue that contacts are extremely bad both socially and religiously. There are some that just love contact lens for the beauty and comfort it brought.

Contacts VS Glasses

This article is not picking a side as you would be given that liberty of picking the one you want but we are going to be talking a bit extensively on both.

Contacts Lenses

A contact lens is that material worn in the eye, on the eyeball either for sight enhancement or fashion. You see, it doesn’t really matter the purpose why you wear a contact lens, be it for sight correction or fashion, it.

Makes you look cool, the fact that your eye has a different color and it makes people want to look at you more and wonder what exactly is changing here, or what is different about this person is super cool.

There are so many reasons why many people pick contact lenses, mostly for comfort and reduction of stress and the highly reduced probability of damage, sometimes for budget or just the love for it.

This type of sight enhancement is usually seen by many as bad and harmful, though this is not entirely wrong, its harm is over exaggerated. It is actually great to use.

Advantages Of Contact Lenses

Unobstructed Vision

When you use glasses frame for men or women sometimes, some part the glass can block your vision making you have to move your head from one point to another just to see things at particular angles.

You also don’t have to worry about cleaning the lenses for stains or maybe dust or water or anything that might obstruct your vision. This is like your eye is being enhanced as a whole.

More Active

The use of contact lenses also makes you more and more active because you don’t have to worry about your lens falling or breaking or the fact that you can’t run with it because you can definitely run with it.

You can play soccer, play basketball, lawn tennis, run as fast as you can and do what you want to do as well and act as you want to. You don’t have to worry about mistakes like slipping or your hand mistakenly hitting your glasses and breaking them.


Firstly when using contact there are distortion or sight or view as with some glasses neither is there any type of obstruction as earlier mentioned.

This is usually because the contact lenses, they conform to your eyeballs giving your eye a wide spec to view. This confirmation might not be perfect or it is usually near perfect and it makes it undetectable that your eye isn’t very good.

Contacts Don’t Care About The Weather

Another great advantage of contact lenses is that they don’t really care about the weather, be it the rain or sunshine or snow, they don’t change they don’t create the fog like white substance on them which causes sight obstruction as with glasses

Other Advantages

They could be for fashion and not just purpose; they come in a different color to fit different outfits or occasions. Some might even be used with the craziness that comes with Halloween. Some contacts can also help temporarily correct eye defects, for maybe a day.


  • Taking care of contact is very important as a matter of fact too important that you risk worsening your eye condition if you don’t take care of the lens well.

This might involve proper cleaning to the proper casing. If you don’t take care of your lenses well you risk getting an eye infection.

  • The eye needs oxygen to keep the dry eye syndrome away from the individual. Contact lens might keep the oxygen away from the eye and increasing the risk of the individual experiencing this problem.
  • If you fall asleep with your glasses on which could happen sometimes, there’s nothing to be worried about because there’s no harm.

But the same cannot be said for contact lenses as they might cause the eye to be red, dry and extremely irritated followed by a lot of itching and scratching.


A glass or better still eyeglass can be described as something made of a plastic frame in which it has two spaces available for glass lenses which should be worn on the eye to improve eyesight. It is easier to get an eyeglass than to get contact lenses which used for eyesight enhancement.

Many people choose eyeglasses not because of eye problems only but because of the fashion that comes with it. They come in different styles and shapes that you can hardly find one that doesn’t fit your personality or style.

Advantages of Eyeglasses


Using eyeglasses are a lot safer less risky than using contact. You don’t have to worry about your eye dangers, you don’t even have to touch your eye before you put it on. This means that the tendency of you injuring your eye or causing eye damage to your eye is very unlikely.

The fact that you don’t have to worry about contacting your eye either by your hands or your lens means you don’t have to worry about eye infections.

Light Adjustment

Many eyeglasses now can control the amount of light that goes into the eye. It makes gets darker when the environment is dark and it brightens when the environment is dark. The contact lens can’t do this and this gives them an edge.

This is very good for the eye as it increases the comfort of the Wearer. This kind of glasses is called photochromic lenses as they are bright at night or when you are indoors or in cases of darkness and they are dark on the presence of excess light.


Glasses can come as both for fashion and for eye extension. They can come in different styles and designs. They can fit any outfit from English wears in the western world to traditional wears in the African world.

Glasses add a little more spice to the whole dressing and outlook of a person. Glasses can also be used to describe a person may be based on profession or personality.


  • Discomfort: Glasses have been associated with so many discomforts ranging from physical to psychological discomfort. They might be too tight to your face and they might hurt your nose and this would because of your discomfort.

They might also affect your look and this might cause you to look a little bit less confident as you might feel you don’t look as good.

  • They also could cause a little sight distortion as they are far from your eye and they might make objects that shape they are not originally made of.

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