Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer is characterized by weddings, you better brace up because your calendar will soon be full of wedding invites. The season comes with the flexibility of destination weddings, church ceremonies, and formal events.

The best way to blend in with the different weddings is dressing appropriately.

Actually, dressing is all you should do. A pretty dress boosts your confidence. It also spreads the warmness of the event, I mean, no one is coming to a wedding with a somber mood. Also, weddings are defined by photos.

Dresses to Wear to a Summer Wedding 1

Whether it is family, college mates, or colleagues, you will be in a group and the photo aspect will come up.

Make sure you will be proud of yourself years to come when the photos pop up in social media. Dresses enhance the smiles. If you already have several wedding invites, it is time to shop for the gorgeous wedding dresses.

It can’t be one dress!

It is time to experiment all the colors that you think are interesting but can’t wear them to the office. Summer weddings give you the opportunity to try out the vibrant colors, prints, and polka dots.

If you are reserved in colors, you still have a choice on an embroidered black dress, floral prints, and minimal silhouette in all kind of lengths. You can wear a maxi, mini, or midi; summer is that flexible!

If you are enthusiastic about fashion then the options are overwhelming. You can’t switch enough for the summer weddings.

Depending on the kind of wedding, you have options with voluminous sleeves, flouncy ruffles, electric colors, tiered skirts, and mixed prints. You are free to add jewelry and other accessories to compliment your look.

There are endless options on dresses to wear to a summer wedding yet most of them are universal meaning you can re-wear and still be stylish.

Beach Wedding (Destination wedding)

The beach is an interesting place but only if you are dressing appropriately. Remember the sun will be on you, this should be the basis of your dress choice.

Summer is only sunny but also full of breezes, if you might want to reconsider the flirty and short skirt. Instead of minis, go for maxi and lengths. The most important thing is to keep your skin protected from the summer sun, especially if the wedding is at the beginning of the season.

Dress for Beach Wedding 1

Your skin needs to adjust; overexposure to the sun will ruin the day.

Even if you are wearing formal, it can’t be like dressing for a country club event. Prioritize the lightweight and soft fabrics for a cool stay.

Here Are Some Dresses to Wear to a Beach Wedding:

  • Floral print maxi dress
  • Color block twist sheath
  • Printed maxi tank dress
  • Floral maxi dress
  • Off the shoulder midi dress
  • Silk maxi dress
  • Maxi dress with lace bodice
  • Geometric burnout print gown

Casual Wedding

You will be getting all kind of wedding invites, some couples will specify the dressing style. If you are asked to come in casual, be sure to be relaxed in your wardrobe choice. You can be easy, yet comfortable and stylish. Don’t be overdressed, it can be embarrassing.

On the other hand, you should not be too easy with your casual, make sure it is a style. Blend your dress with a handbag, accessories, and shoes.

During summer, a printed maxi dress with jersey cotton can be a good choice. Make sure you are comfortable.

Here Are Some Ideas For a Casual Wedding:

  • Embroidered dress
  • Tie sleeve shift dress
  • Printed Rhys dress
  • Twirl-worthy folds with patterns

Semi-Formal Wedding

Do not assume the bolded calligraphy at the bottom of the wedding invitation. When it says “semi-formal dress” make sure you dress as per that.

Do not be anxious, it is simple, make sure your style has a formal element. Find out details about the summer wedding, if it is in the day, light colors should be your priority. Dark tones would be appropriate for an evening wedding.

Dress for Semi-Formal Wedding 2


A midi will be the most suitable. Avoid too long or too short. Also, keep off white unless you have specific instructions to do so. Even if you love jewelry, it might be a day to slow down on the accessories.

Do not overdo it. A maxi dress may be having too much fabric that will rob you the formal element. Don’t wear too much fabric. Strive for a casual dress but with composure.

Here Are Some Ideas For a Semi-Formal Wedding:

  • Midi dress with a backless design
  • An ace number with romantic cutouts
  • A none shoulder look with a ruffle accent
  • A line silhouette with stripes and flowers
  • Shift dress with exposed shoulder

Formal wedding

If the dressing code is “formal” make sure you keep away the long maxi dresses and floral prints. Block designs will do the magic. Midi and mini lengths are the best for formal weddings. Whether it is in church, country club, or any indoor facility, make sure you pull off the formal look.

While the office dresses can be a good place to start, you should be more stylish for a wedding. The cocktail dresses will do.

The handbag to carry for this day should be specific to match with the shoes. Also, it is summer, you won’t need a jacket unless it is part of the style but you would rather keep the jacket off.

Here Are Some Ideas For a Formal Wedding:

  • Cold shoulder cocktail dress
  • Plus size one shoulder jumpsuit
  • Cutout fit and flare dress
  • Sleeveless metallic dress
  • Sleeve lace dress
  • Chiffon Capelet sheath dress
  • Chiffon overlay dress

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