Instant Pot vs Crock-Pot

Over the years, the crock-pot has been around, and the instant pot is evolving at a slow rate. Both appliances are suitable for cooking. It is a good tool for your kitchen.

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The instant pot is very efficient when it comes to slow cooking, delayed start and many other reasons. Crock-pot can be referred to as slow cookers and instant pot can also be called pressured cooker.

For the sake of this content, we shall be looking at the various differences between Instant pot and crock-pot. This is to ensure you make a sound choice when buying any of these kitchen appliances.

The differentiation will be segmented into the following areas:

  • Easy to Use
  • Price
  • Presence Of Recipes
  • cleaning
  • Multiple Uses

Easy to Use

Also, there is a need to know how well both devices can be used in a more efficient and reliable way:

The Instant Pot is too cumbersome to use. Unlike the Crock-pot, It has 22 pages of the user manual, it has 18 whole buttons to choose from. Most people are comfortable with a device that is user-friendly, it takes time to understand the various buttons associated with these cooking devices.


Crock-pot is user-friendly, it has four buttons against 18 buttons resident in the pressure cooking device.

You can easily operate this device without reading the manual that is less than 10 pages, though it is important to read the device manual for proper use. Crock-pot 4 buttons are Select, Timer, Up and Down, and Off keys. The pages give you an insight into various recipes, ways, and method to prepare it.

Which Has The Best Price?

In comparing instant pot vs. crock-pot there is a need to understand the price value that follows both appliances:

The Instant Pot is more expensive than Crock-pot. The amount of use in buying Instant pot cannot be compared, their prices are not affordable. This appliance is not suitable for a low-income earner.


The price ranges of the most popular brands of electric pressure cookers are exorbitant. The instant pot is also good if you are familiar with pressure cookers, but not suitable for a total novice.


Crock-Pot is quiet affordable.it can accommodate everyone who desires to have slow cookers in their home. On this aspect, if you are that individual who yearns for an easy meal cooking pot at an affordable rate, this option might be the best for you, rather than spending huge money on Instant Pot.

Recipes Included in The Product

There is a need to know which one comes with methods and guidelines of recipes:

The instant pot or the pressure cooker is just evolving, that is there is no much information or books about various types and methods of recipes compare to crock-pot that has been around for donkey years now. There is no point in having sound appliances if you cannot make a delicious and awesome meal.

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The Crock-pot is known for the elderly appliance. It has been in existence for long. People are used to their functionality. There are available data, books on recipes. These recipes can easily be prepared without looking for a third party.

Which is Easier to Clean?

It is also paramount we know the cleaning style or pattern of each device:

The Instant Pot is easier to clean than the crock pot with heavy stoneware. The instant pot with its stainless steel within the inner part of the pot, it makes cleaning up easy and more relaxing compared to the other cooking appliance.


The Crock-pot is less easy to wash. Both appliances element are washable with dishwasher. But this very one takes a longer time to get clean than the instant pot device that is less stressful to wash or clean up. It is better to wash both cooking devices with hand.

Multiple Uses

There are varieties of uses.

Instant Pot has the ability to multi-task. This is very important if you understand the efficacy of making varieties of recipes at the same time.

Unlike the Crock-pot, Instant pot has the capacity to perform different cooking tasks at the same time. It can cook rice, make yogurt, slow cook, pressure cook, and many more.

There are varieties of function you can explore while using instant pot. This remains one of the reasons why an instant pot device is one of the most sorts for.

The pressure cooking makes it more attractive to buyers and users over crock-pot. It combines heat and high pressure to reduce the time span for cooking.


The crockpot engages in two functions, it cooks food slowly at low temperature, and also, ensure it keeps your food warm.

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But the instant pot functions best in the aspect. It is highly recommended to use an instant pot device if you seek a variety of uses.


Haven’t listed the few differences between instant and crock pot I am sure you can make the right choice. Be that as it may, it is important to note that, the world is becoming more developed and as such modern technology or cooking device must emerge.

Instant Pot is a product of modern society, though the price to obtain this kitchen device may be high but it worth every penny. It has a variety of functions over the old that is the crock-pot.

As time goes on, people will find ways, methods on how to use this modern device to their advantage. The variety of uses and functions that this kitchen appliance possesses is a top-notch and a standout over crock-pot.

Both appliances are good, and suitable for you. But if you know you cannot afford the Instant pot, please do go for Crock-pot. Both enhance cooking to your satisfaction. No need to break the bank if you are not going to make use of instant pot for cooking rice, yogurts, and many others.

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