Is Biotin Good For Hair

When it comes to confidence level, you get confident from probably anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

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Ranging from how you look, to how much compliment you get to how much respect you command.

Of all these, confidence comes mostly from how you look and one of the ways to look great is having great hair.

When healthy hair is involved you can’t take out biotin. It is not usually very far. It has been associated with countering hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

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Lack of biotin also leads to low hair quality as such a person usually might go bald it lose all their hair.

Biotin can be taken orally or maybe using shampoos which have biotin as a component to increase hair quality.

Sources of Biotin

  • Liver meat
  • Yeast containing foods
  • Sweet potato
  • Eggs
  • Milk and milk products

Liver Meat

The liver is the most important organ in the body and this is because it carries out so many functions and one of these involves storage of biotin.

Liver Meat

Since biotin is stored in the liver, eating liver meat will mean taking in biotin by the person. Not just the liver but other offal too are important as they all aid in the increasing amount of biotin.

The liver is really big organ meat and it would contain a lot of biotins. This means better hair.


Provided it contains yeast, either in bread or any other food. It is good, provided biotin is concerned.


When the study was done in Oregon state university, it was discovered that yeast has a biotin content of about 1.4 to 14mcg in every 7 grams of yeast.

Sweet Potato

This is one of the leading sources of biotin. This food has been associated so much with hair regeneration due to its high biotin content. Sweet potatoes are not just good for the hair now. They are good for the skin too.

Sweet Potato

They contain carotene, which is usually turned into vitamin a, and this makes the skin fresher. In the sweet potatoes, the biotin content is so large that in just half a cup of potatoes, cooked potatoes, you can get up to 2.5mcg of biotin in


The egg, specifically the egg yolk is so rich in biotin. It is important to note the drinking the raw or uncooked egg reduces the egg biotin potential, as a matter of fact, you can’t be able to absorb biotin in raw eggs. This is because there is a protein called avidin.


This avidin binds with the biotin forming a complex and this complex cannot be absorbed into the body. When heat is applied to the egg either by frying or boiling, it causes the bond between the avidin and biotin to be broken and when it is ingested the body can use the free biotin.

Milk And Milk Products

There are so many milk products, and adding milk to this list, it just makes them a great source of biotin. It is okay to go on a milk and egg diet after you discover your hair is breaking or cutting off.


The kind of milk products also is useful here because not all milk products give the exact same amount of biotin.

Cheese, for example, is really high in biotin, but there is a different kind of cheese and these have a different level of biotin. Milk Contains 0.3mcg biotin if your measurement is a cup with just 2 percent milk and 98 percent water.

These sources of biotin can be taken alongside biotin drugs to bring about faster results.

Other Functions of Biotin

  • For the skin
  • For body metabolism
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • For healthy nails

For The Skin

Apart from the fact that biotin does wonder when hair growth is concerned. It is also very important to the skin.


You find many skins dry and having scales, this could be because of the lack of biotin in such person.

The hair in the skin also contains keratin, so does the skin itself. As keratin is improved by biotin, biotin could also improve the skin.

When a child has skin rashes or an ailment known as seborrheic dermatitis, having to improve your diet with biotin will go a long way in treating the ailment.

For Body Metabolism

There are so many processes in the body that need biotin for their progress some of these include, metabolism of carbohydrate, metabolism of proteins and fat.


This means that when we eat carbohydrate food if there is no biotin in your body then, it will find it hard to breakdown this food we are eating and these will be a problem.

The same goes for fats. Also when a woman is pregnant, she also needs to have a sufficient amount of biotin for her baby to survive.

Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes is a state of a person where the blood glucose levels are high and this could lead to many other problems in the body like erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure etc.


Biotin has been studied and confirmed to have a role to play in the treatment and management of diabetes. It does this accompanied by the substance chromium pollinate.

This mixture has been associated with the management of type 2 diabetes as it makes sure the cells of the liver can react well to the production of a hormone called insulin which is supposed to be secreted with blood glucose levels are high.

For Healthy Nails

Keratin quality, which is also a factor of healthy nails, can also be improved by biotin. This means that the more biotin you take could affect your nails quality and help you keep long nails.


The state of keratin in your body is largely affected by the level of body biotin.

Side Effects of Biotin

It sounds awesome that there are hardly any side effects of this wonderful supplement biotin.

There is hardly any need to worry about taking excesses because the body doesn’t store them and find them quite easy to discard from the body.

The only problem resulting in biotin excesses is the fact that it could cause your doctor to make a wrong diagnosis so be sure to reduce or stop taking this supplement if you are on medications.

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