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The Best Ping Pong Table Top

As unimportant it might be to some people. There are people who worry about getting the right ping pong table for themselves. They worry about how the table is going to affect the ball, the ball bouncing effect, the sound from the table when the ball hits it. The strength and durability of the table and many other things, so yeah there are quite a number of people who worry about the ping pong table.

It is also very possible and real that some people have undying passion and love for the game of table tennis or ping pong and they want the best of everything they are using to play from the table to the ball to the hand bat etc.

Some tables come with little, tricky problems like a ball bouncing of course and confusing the play, ball spinning unnecessarily, or a spin induced by the table itself thus, still confusing the player.

Even as a casual nonprofessional player, you would want to play in a court which would reduce any luck for the opponent and having a game based on sheer skill and ability.

ping pong table top

Let’s assume there is someone who has a great passion for ping pong. Sooner or later you will buy your own table or you would want to.

There are so many standard and expensive tables out there that you really don’t need except you want to be a professional player someday. You would want to make sure you buy something that is both picket friendly and still give you the quality you want.

There are many ping pong tables out there that are just expensive simply because of the trade names. Leave that for the professionals. If you want a good ping pong table for your family to enjoy, know that there are many, not so expensive tables for you can find in the market.

Factors That Should Affect Your Ping Pong Table Top Choice


Some question you should ask. Are you going to set the table up somewhere and leave it there?

Are you going to have to move it around from time to time, from post to post to play with other players? What is your aim?

Are you going to be playing it with it and putting it away after every game?

Is it going to be a table that is easy to set up and you don’t have to spend over an hour trying to stand up the table?

If you want something you can easily move around and not worry about the stress of setting up, just buy a foldable table. If not go for one that you can mount and come back to meet every day to avoid the stress.


Many people like to argue that a better table is the thicker table. The thicker the better, they argue that thickness removes the unnecessary battery, the table does not add unnecessary bounces and it reduces luck, you measure your shots more accurately without any added effects.

People who are in favor of lightness argue that the lighter the table the better. This gives better bounce and you see the ball in the air.

It reduces the tendencies of your hand bat hitting the table and you can choose to play a low shot if you want and it doesn’t happen just because the table is thick. A thick table or light table all have their advantages you just have to pick the one that best suits you.

Best And Affordable Ping Pong Table Top

• Choice 60″ Portable Table tennis Ping Pong Folding Table
• JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table
• Goplus Foldable Ping Pong Table
• Kettler Match 5.0

Choice 60″ Portable Table tennis Ping Pong Folding Table

This is a two-piece top ping pong table. It a very strong and durable can stand the test of time and of course made from the awesome butterfly, a leading brand of ping pong table tops. They lead enormously when it comes to portable ping pong tops.

It allows a nice transition usually from play to playback allowing the game to flow and allowing you to enjoy the game perfectly. Its edges of the table are bounded so as to avoid and protect it from wear and tear and help it last longer.

It is as earlier said very strong and this is due to the added bracing to the in the leg area. It comes with Crazysoft Gift Card worth $10.It is very affordable.

JOOLA Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table

When it comes to class style and grade, this ping pong table is usually one of the leading ones you can find. It actually can be in competition with any company or brand and still be able to compare. As the name implies it is an indoor table with a premium grade of 22mm medium density fiberboard top.

It is also regarded as the praised model. It is highly stable and strong. Its durability can easily be attributed to the arched aluminum plating on the side. It also features a steel frame that makes the whole table durable. Just for the love of the game. Get this one and you will get good value for your money.

Goplus Foldable Ping Pong Table

Although another ping pong table top for the love of the game, it is a great table for competitive play. It allows room for nice games and serious plays in recreational centers or schools or an actual competition even though not a professional one.

The materials which make up this table are of high quality and it really beats its price. It also gives a nice bounce to balls and helps every ball react in the table just as wished by the player. Its sturdy steel frame is one of the reasons for its wonderful strength.

The chipboard of this ping top table is of high quality. It also features an adjustable net. This just gives your game a professional feel. It has multi-functional use.

This is a great ping pong table that provides the right quality for competitive play in recreation centers, family game rooms, schools, and anywhere indoors you take table tennis. It entails quality production materials and design and allows for ease of use even for wheelchair players.

Its high-density chipboard playing top surface integrates unique finish for superb ball bounce, adherence. It further features a sturdy steel frame for reliable support, wheels for easy transport, and includes high quality, height and tension adjustable net.

Kettler Match 5.0

This is one ping pong table many like to refer to like the best. Is it actually the best? You might have to find out yourself but there’s something you can’t take away from this table. It is awesome.

It has a first-class bounce effect on balls. It gives a tournament feel and it allows for a serious game like competition even though it is not international. It also allows for quick playback. It comes with a net also.

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