Everything About Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

The gold wireless headset is a USB dongle that works on Play Station Four (PS4), Mac OS and Windows.

It has 3.5mm jack and comprises of four pole cable for easy connection to phones and any other devices that have a headphone port.

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset 1

PlayStation gold wireless headset delivers an amazing audio clarity to the user.

It increases your gaming experience to a high level of custom audio modes. This Gold wireless stereo is strictly designed for PlayStation lovers.

This is one of the most remarkable technological advancement within gamers. It has a variety of boxes, like the wireless adaptor, standard 3.5-millimeter audio cable, Recharging cable, Travel Pouch and micro-USB. It also uses a Wi-Fi connection.

Features Of PlayStation Gold  Wireless Stereo Headset

The following are some of the features associated with PlayStation gold headset:

  • Design for gamers
  • It is created by PlayStation
  • It is stylish and unique in nature
  • It is wireless
  • Quality sound
  • Price

Design For Gamers

Sony PlayStation gold wireless headset is designed to increase gamer experience.

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset 2

It helps gamer lover to adequately make use of their headset why using PlayStation 4, It is a one of a kind headset that needs to be reckoned with. It enables users to chat with friends without noise or cancelation of the microphone.

The padding of the headset is unique, it is new and great for everyone. This product is not made of metal but covered with unique leatherette.

It is Created by PlayStation

This product is developed by PlayStation developers. Every game downloaded from custom game modes gives the user exclusive and enhanced audio.

This wireless headset is a must buy the product for every PlayStation lovers. It is new, transformative and innovative.

It is Stylish And Unique in Nature

The PlayStation gold series is very unique and astonishes in it looks.

It gives the user the opportunity to customize their sound in order to suit their style, it connects wirelessly to your devices like your computer, phone, PlayStation four and three.

The adaptable audio sound is unique, and the stylish comfort it brings is magnificent.

It Is Wireless

PlayStation gold wireless headset does not need a third party connection device like USB to work with your computer, handset, and any other devices you want to use. It connects to these devices wirelessly.

Quality Sound

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset 4

This headset offers good quality audio for users. The sound quality is superb and a top-notch. There is no stress in listening to your game sound effects.

The sound customization through the free app is excellent. Sound quality can be enjoyed for hours without hiccups.


This headset is affordable and unique. Affordability remains one of the quality features of this product.

It does not require a huge sum of money before you can enjoy its functionality. It is outstanding and quality products for an average guy.

How To Charge The Wireless Headset

If the battery of your headset is low, the status indicator will flash a red light, and you hear the sound of the beep.

For proper charging of the headset, connect the headset with a USB port through an included USB cable.

The status indicator light turns off, immediately the headset is fully charged. It takes up to 3 to 4 hours to be fully charged.

Steps To Reset Gold Series Wireless Headset

When your headset refuses to respond, follow the steps or procedure to carry out reset:

  • Firstly, connect your play station with the wireless adapter or different powered USB port
  • Secondly, Insert small object, pin-like into the whole surrounding and press the reset button in the wireless adapter
  • Thirdly, try and hold down the Mute button and the VSS button, and slide the power switch to either position 1 or 2.

How To Use The Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset 5

In order to effectively utilize the PlayStation gold wireless headset for your comfort and convenience, follow these steps:

Step One

Put the wireless adapter into the USB connector.

Step Two

Now slide the power switch on the headset to position 1 or 2.This position aid you to customize your sound through Headset Companion app.

Step Three

This is only for PS4 user. Now select the user you want to assign the headset. After that, Headset icon will display the current user to assign this is done by the PS4 system.

Step Four

Finally, the last step, once you have inserted the wireless adapter into the PS4 and choose a user, hold down the PS button to see the menu.

After menu appears, look through and select Adjust Devices-Output to Headphones-All Audio including Game audio and voice chat will be sent to the headset.

What Are The Pros

Playstation Gold Wireless Headset 6

This product has a large number of quality features. Before you invest there is need to look at the various pros of this headset:

  • It has quality sound: The quality of the audio is top-notch. It is a comfort and gives a noiseless sound.
  • It boosts user experience most especially gamers.
  • It is easy to Use: This headset is very outstanding due to the simplicity of the headset. It can be operated by a total novice.
  • It is stylish in nature
  • Easy to customize: This headset is very unique.it can be adjusted or customized to user taste. That is you can easily adjust the sound quality to your advantage.
  • It delivers great performance sleek and good sound
  • It is very affordable: As if said earlier, this headset is very cheap. It does not require a lot of savings before you can buy this product. It is less expensive compared to other alternative headsets.

Also, it worth the price, because the quality is top-notch, it the sound effects it gives is incomparable.

On A Final Note

You don’t have to be an audiophile or experts to operate this unique headset. Unlike many other premium gaming headsets, this very one is easy to use, it is user-friendly, and it attracts a high level of performance. If you desire quality and durable headset, I suggest you look out for this one.

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