The Best Portable Air Compressor For Tires

An air compressor is a machine or equipment used to generate potential energy (AIR) from either electrically generated power or mechanically generated power.

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The air compressor when switched on forces air into the tank or container and this raises the pressure levels of the tank.

This pressurized air can be used in different forms to do different types of work.

Some of the uses of air compressors are:

  • Tire inflation
  • Fill Gas cylinders
  • To power pneumatic tools
  • For driving pneumatic HVAC control system

The need for an air compressor is usually overlooked by many car owners because they believe no one needs to inflate a tire every day.

But surely a day comes when you need to make that inflation on your busted tire and you don’t have a compressor available in your car.

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Maybe an accident could happen in a lonely area where you can not get one of the mechanical engineers to fix the car.

The portable air compressor solves the issue of having to be stranded or bothered by a deflated tire. There are so many different products in the market which are easily obtainable and affordable.

Portable air compressors can fit into the booth of any car and you will hardly know it is there talk less of worrying about how much space it will take.

How to Use a Portable Air Compressor to Inflate a Car Tire

Tire Pressure And Compressor Pressure

You don’t just pour air into your tire.

You need to know the amount of air pressure you tire can take and know the amount of air pressure you compressor is offering.

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On the tire, there is always a maximum amount of pressure your tire can take.

But don’t work with this as this means you are stressing your tire to its limits. Work with an intermediate pressure.

Many of the portable air compressors work with the pressure of 150psi. You can use a tire gauge to tell you how much pressure your tire needs and this will serve as a guide to use the air compressor.

Usually, the correct recommended amount of air pressure for regular cars is between 30 psi to 35 psi maximum.

Let Your Tire Cool Off

Always wait for your car tire to call off before using the compressor on it. There are some disadvantages that come with inflating a hot tire.

This includes getting a wrong reading from the tire gauge.

The tire gauge would read a higher pressure than the actual since there is an increase in temperature and a cold temperature usually gives better results.

Prep Tire For Filling

Unscrew the stem cap first. The stem cap the one found on the top of the valve stem.

After removal put it in a container or something that is sure to hold it and the screw doesn’t roll off.

Don’t remove the cap of your air compressor is not ready as you could lose some of the air in the tire.

Use The Air Compressor

If the air compressor is electrical simply just plug it to a wall socket or a car electric socket and switch it on.

If it uses fuel or gas, make sure you check the fuel and oil level and then switch on if everything is appropriate.

Let the air compressor gather air. Just make sure listen as the motor of the compressor just begins to run as the compressor switches on.

When there is enough air in the compressor take the hose and attach the coupler to the end of it.

This is the means by which air enters the valve. Now attach the hose to the valve of the tire and allow the air to go in.

Monitor your tire and if your portable air compressor has a gauge monitor it too.

Detach The Hose

Gently remove the hose from the valve and quickly lock the valve. Make sure to keep the cap close by so you do not lose air.

If you add too much air accidentally simply press the tire gauge down to remove some of the air.

Advantages of Portable Air Compressors

Air compressors have many advantages over the traditional air compressors.

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They were highly sorted for when they entered the market although they dropped in sales after a while. This is usually attributed to the fact that many users then lost Interest.

There has been an upgrade on the portable compressors and they have been highly sorting for now in markets. Some of the advantages of portable compressors include:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Same use as traditional air compressors.
  • Single stage.

Easy to Carry

If you use the portable compressor in your house whether for blowing air into Ballina or toys or making a quick-fire or anything you want to do with it, there is no much stress with the portable Compressor as you can easily move it around the house.

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The portable compressor is can be used in the garage too and the fact that it can be easily moved to the garage from the house and vice versa is a great advantage.

Since the portable air compressor is smaller than most of these house objects moving it is actually a wider choice that moving the objects in the house as would have been the case for the traditional air compressors.

Same Use as Traditional Air Compressors

When one thinks of the fact that these air compressors are actually smaller or as they are described portable than the traditional air compressors.

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You just have to feel that it would not do as much as the big ones, but that not the truth. The portable air compressors are exactly the same when it comes to functionality.

They have the ability to perform on the same standard. The actually have the advantage of less or no air hose.

This drops cost as to when compared to the traditional industrial air compressors with more air hose which means more cost, and this is usually the case when the distance is a factor to be considered.

Single Stage

This is used to describe an air compressor having just one or single cylinder for storing air.

This, as you expect, is a feature of the portable air compressors and this has posed a lot of advantages or the industrial air compressors as they require very little power to run, which implies that they incur very little Cost and very little cooling requirements as opposed to their large counterparts which need large power.

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