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The Best Under Armour Running Shoes

For many, under armour running shoes are just shoes, for others, it is where comfort, design, and style lies.

What these shoes are to so many is highly based on their passion and love for running.

Best Under Armour Running Shoes 1

Loving running would mean loving shoes which enable you to feel better while you at it and just running to kill time makes you take the shoes for granted.

Either way under armour shoes is the best when it comes to keeping you balanced and comfortable when you are on the run.

Under armour shoes also keeps the feet protected from sores or pains during running exercise.

These are the key things when you try to consider the best shoes for running, your comfort, your feet protection, the design, and style etc.

Best Under Armour Running Shoes 2

Under Armour Inc. is a company based in America. This company deals mainly on shoes but also on apparels usually sport and casual.

The headquarters of the under armour Inc. is located in Maryland specifically Baltimore. Apart from these headquarters, there are others like Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, Paris, Mexico, etc.

List of The Most Recommended Under Armor Running Sneakers

Under armour has done great works when it comes to shoes production and we took out time to bring out some of the best of the shoes for running and these includes:

  • Under Armour micro G assert 6
  • Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2
  • HOVR Sonic CT
  • Charged Bandit 3
  • Horizon RTT

Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 For Men’s And Women’s

Many people like to think of these shoes as one of the best if not the best under armour shoes created by the company. It comes with so many advantages so you can’t seem to blame this view.

Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

The shoes is extremely lightweight it simply does not add any extra weight to the legs of the runner, this makes it somewhat perfect for running.

Also, it gives mechanical support, usually the kind needed for continuous running. It also gives a great deal of comfort as the inside of the shoes are really soft enough for the feet.

The interior of these under armour shoe is made of foam mainly which gives it both comfort and protection properties. It saves guard your legs against hits helping your absorb shock.

Uppers of these shoes are made with a mesh-like material which gives the shoes breathability. It makes sure your feet are cold enough and not sweaty during running sessions.

The shoes features leather lining which is responsible for the fixed placing of the feet, making sure the legs of the wearer does move around inside the shoes.

The outsole of the shoes is so light it is usually the heaviest part of the shoes.

These mean that since it’s so light it would make your shoes really light as a whole giving your shoes the light feel overall and adding no extra weight to your feet. The underfoot also is made comfortable by the Eva sock liner feature.

Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2 For Mens And Womens

From the under armour company, by their standards, this is another great shoes as it is feature packed.

Under Armour Speedform Apollo 2

This shoes is known for the amount of stability it offers to the user. It features traction which makes sure your feet are protected and as well as comfort for the feet.

Apart from these, the shoes is also very breathable as the runner hardly has sweaty feet. The feet are usually dry and comfortable as air goes into the shoes and heat does not store in it.

Another nice feature of this shoes is the dual layer midsole. This plays a part in the comfort of the runner to hardly notice any feet hurt.

There is an arch reinforcement which keeps the runner’s feet in place so maximum comfort is attained.

It has what can be described as an anatomical rubber forming the outsole which gives the shoes its flexibility and long lasting feature.

The whole making of the shoes makes it very light and the whole shoes hardly adds any weight to the wear giving the wear both a mix of comfort and style.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic CT For Men’s And Women’s

This shoes could easily be argued as one of the best under armour running shoes for the year 2019 and beyond. When it comes to comfort, it simply just leads the way.

Under Armour HOVR Sonic CT

It has a cushioning system in the midsole and this is just for the sake of comfort. It fixes so much attention on the forefoot, there’s hardly any way it could possibly.

There’s so much comfort on this shoes it still does it best to keep a reasonable lightweight.

The awesome part of this shoes is that it possesses an automated tracking. It features a sensor which is connected to an app called mapmyrun.

This interface created by the sensor and the app helps the user track his runs and tell how well or how badly he’s doing.

Under Armour Charged Bandit  3 For Men’s And Women’s

This is usually described as the best buy from Under armour simply because it is relatively cheap especially when compared to its other counterpart.

Under Armour Charged Bandit 3

Also, the fact that it is cheap yet does not lose its quality is also another reason why it is popular with many. The shoes is so soft especially the midsole.

It is usually described as the charged cushioning midsole. This makes the shoes really soft.

The responsive of the shoes is also top notch as it gives the vibe to keep running. It also features what is described as flex grooves which are all around the rubber soles.

It also possesses great breathability too. Your feet will not feel hot even in days which are hot.

Under Armour Horizon RTT For Men’s And Women’s

When feet protection is the goal then think of this shoes. As a matter of fact, this shoes is the shoes that makes you run with no fear.

Under Armour Horizon RTT

It has a hefty sole which keeps the feet protected from any hits or shocks. One awesome feature of this shoes is how it is laced.

As a matter of fact, it is not laced. It has a knob or rather, a knob-like regulator on the shoes that is used to adjust the shoes tightness helping the wearer easily adjusts the shoes to comfort instead of the stress of lacing.

A rubber called the Michelin wild gripper rubber with a new lug pattern is also features on this boot to make sure it is as comfortable as it can be.

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