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The Best Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment

A wrinkle is actually formed in delicate, soft and fragile areas of the body and this may include the neck and the face and sometimes the chest.

There are two major proteins found in the skin and the quality of these proteins in the skin has a great deal to tell the quality of the skin. These two proteins are called collagen and elastin.

under eye wrinkle treatment

Many products being created or manufactured right now contain this collagen and elastin or they contain substances that fix or generate these substances inside the skin.


There are many things that can Contribute or act as factors that cause the skin to wrinkle and most of these are things that affect the internal function of the body, And some are external factors they include:

  • Smoking or inhaling smoke
  • Aging
  • Facial expression can cause
  • Genetics
  • Diet

Smoking or Inhaling Smoke

Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs. It doesn’t affect just your breathing, it makes your skin bad too.

Studies have been able to associate smoking and eye wrinkling too as it makes the under eye very dark and it makes the wrinkles more pronounced.

It is sometimes called smokers wrinkles. It has also been studied and confirmed that the more you smoke the older you look as a matter if a person smokes around 30 cigarettes a day by the time you are around the age of 70 you will be looking like you are age 84 that is like 14 years older. So to make sure your wrinkles go away, quit smoking.


This is one inevitable cause of wrinkles under the eye. It is normal to get wrinkles as one grows older.

This one is usually due to the fact that the skin gets dryer and paler and it loses its ability to stand strong and straight so it starts forming bags.

Women are usually the first to get wrinkles as it comes alongside menopause. This process can be delayed using different ways and most medications but since it is inevitable it just has to happen.

Facial Expression Can Cause

Like earlier said there are proteins under the skin and some of these proteins are elastic as they stretch on the face.

As you do some facial expressions over and over again you face elastic property follows that expression over and over again until it loses the ability to return back to its usual form and the wrinkle shows up.

There are different expressions that can cause wrinkles as they range from laughing, frowning, winking, smirking and any other facial expressions.


Sometimes take a look at your family pictures, your mum or grandmother or even your dad and his family. Check if they have got any wrinkles under their eye.

It is possible they could appear on your face as there are genes governing everything in our body and as a matter of fact genes make up who we are.

So genes that cause wrinkles can also be passed from our parents to us and they would manifest later in our lives.

Though your parents might have and you might be lucky not to have them on your face as they are ways you might have some genes but they might not be expressed. They are called recessive genes.


Bad eating habits can also be a reason why you might be finding wrinkle bags under your eye. Eating healthy and eating the right food at the right time could keep wrinkles away.

Eating foods rich in carbs and sugar are detrimental to your skin especially the eye, especially at night. You can get wrinkles from them. You should focus more on drinking more water, eating vegetables and fruits, etc.

Best Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment

  • Using creams
  • Using an eye mask
  • Using laser resurfacing
  • Eye massage

Using Creams

This is like one of the most effective ways by which wrinkles are removed from the eye. They removed the wrinkles under the eye in ways that seem like they were never there.

There are so many products there on the counters that have proven to be very good when removing wrinkles are involved. But, you have to be careful and make sure you are picking the right product that can do the job you expect it to do.

Always make sure you go for creams that have constituents which makes the eye better like vitamins such as retinol, hyaluronic acid is also a well-known substance good for the eye, proteins, and peptides, etc.

It is all right to try something new every once in a while but getting a cream based on recommendations and testimonies is actually the best.

Using an Eye Mask

Most times the most effective and efficient eye masks are the natural ones. That is the ones made of natural ingredients.

When you make an eye mask from natural ingredients they make the eye better as they remove the wrinkles. This should be done at least twice a week for maximum results.

One magic substance in the natural ingredients of the mask is honey. This is so because honey attracts water and it makes the under eye wrinkle healed.

There are so many other things that should be part of the ingredients of the Natural mask and this should include, milk, eggs, etc.


This is a way to remove wrinkles. Like actually remove wrinkles but this time it is by scrubbing. It simply just scrubs away the excess dead skin from your under eye taking away the wrinkles.

It is usually very effective and you start seeing results almost immediately. It is mostly done at a cosmetic shop.

Using Laser Resurfacing

This is another great option for removing wrinkles from the eye. It uses lasers to somewhat vaporize the extra dead eye skin layers accumulating in the eye and it gives the eye it usually looks.

It removes this extra skin using the light of a particular wavelength that can destroy the skin layer. And allow for smooth under eye skin and no wrinkles.

Eye Massage

Many like to think of a massage as something for just the back, the neck, and the shoulders. This is not true.

First, the functions of a massage are to make sure there is a good quality blood flow, flow of nutrients and reduction of inflammation.

These uses of massage can also be relevant to the under the eye as massaging the under the eye can help all the wrinkles go back to where they came from.

Make sure you massage with coconut oil so it lets you massage well and you don’t end up pulling the skin due to lack of friction.

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