Where to Buy Chef Paul Magic Seasoning

Paul Prudhomme was his name, the man who discovered and started the brand chef Paul. He is or better still was a celebrity chef, who was a master in the kitchen.

Where to Buy Chef Paul Magic Seasoning 1

He wrote so many cookbooks teaching how to cook different meals. He has specialties in two meals namely Creole and Cajun. He spearheaded the discovery of the business called k-paul’s Louisiana kitchen.

Chef Paul Prudhomme came into limelight gradually as it started making online videos on how to make his delicious meal and people loved it. He introduced Cajun cooking to the public and everyone also loves it.

Where to Buy Chef Paul Magic Seasoning 2

Then he started into making seasonings which set the way for him. Everyone started getting a taste of what he was serving the public so everyone loved him and they loved it.

Since this seasoning was out everyone could now recreate that chef Paul dish they wanted. Why he is so popular is because he made the Cajun meal so popular and he made it so well you just have to love it. Since then the brand has been going on and on.

But, if you ask yourself where to buy chef paul magic seasoning, according to my experience. It is always better to buy these seasonings online because you might not find every one of them on the counter and you would not have to be convinced to pick something you don’t want.

Where to Buy Chef Paul Magic Seasoning 3

There are so many websites and online stores that are willing to deliver this seasoning to you. There are so many fakes on the street stores also. So just to make sure you are getting something authentic, Stick to the online stores.

list of chef Paul Most Famous Seasonings:

  • Magic barbecue seasoning
  • Blackened redfish magic
  • Magic cayenne pepper
  • Magic chipotle seasoning
  • Magic arbol chile
  • Herbal pizza and pasta magic

Magic Barbecue Seasoning

It makes everything just taste like there’s is a barbecue in it. But it is somewhat different. This seasoning can be used for anything that is grilled or anything that you wish to seem grilled.

Magic Barbecue Seasoning

This could be meatloaves, the meat itself, kabobs, baked beans, meatballs, burgers etc. This seasoning doesn’t have any preservative so it can be described as natural with hardly any health effects.

This seasoning just makes your food scent like it was grilled. It comes with a peppery feel which makes the eater a bit hot but loving the taste.

It is a bit smoky and this comes with so much sweetness it more like the food was made with firewood, or better still grilled with firewood.

It does not just give the food its own unique sweet taste, it also brings in the taste of the food’s other ingredients.

When using this ingredient don’t add any salt as it might make it seem too much or too pronounced. This seasoning is gluten free so you don’t have to worry about that.

Blackened Redfish Magic

This seasoning is for fishes. As a matter of fact, any fish should use this seasoning for cooking as it just makes the food so delicious.

Blackened Redfish Magic

This is one reason why chef Paul products are called magic actually. When using this seasoning you need not add salt or pepper as it would make them too pronounced in the food.

This seasoning is a very popular seasoning anyway as it is known by many and used by many in the kitchen.

It brings out the reason why the southern Louisiana cuisine is so special and so different. The great thing about using this one is that you don’t have to worry about how to use it, just pour it.

You don’t need to add much to your fish. The method for pouring is preferentially sprinkling. It allows you to spray this seasoning on all the parts of the fish.

Magic Cayenne Pepper

This seasoning is so pure, it can be described as the purest of all chef Paul seasonings. It has no oils in it, no extra inorganic substances or artificial substances, no excesses etc.

Magic Cayenne Pepper

This seasoning can be used mainly for soups and if you wish, you can use them for sauces too. It can possibly be used to cook anything. It can be used to cook fish, meats, bean dishes etc.

It finds a way to add some little love and emotion, somewhat a sweet environment. The food made with this one would really be enjoyed if eaten with family or people you love but never alone. It is a major ingredient in so many cookbooks.

Magic Chipotle seasoning

Not very old in the inventions of Chef Paul this seasoning is very great as it makes the food seem like it is a bit roasted, leaving it just a bit smoky and mildly Chile.

magic Chipotle seasoning

This is another spice that comes with a feel of magic also as it has a taste that is not explainable. It is mostly for lovers of peppery foods.

It is blended with herbs, dried herbs and has a little bit of citrus in it. Though it can be used in a variety of foods, it tastes great on seafood, meatloaves, beef, and chips. Etc.

Magic Arbol Chile

This is another chef Paul product that just comes with that peppery smoky feel. It comes with an absolute, almost instant hotness to the meal you are cooking it with.

Magic Arbol chile

It is also one of the seasonings to call pure, it has no extra oils or any other additives or extenders.

One part of the world that uses this particular seasoning is the Mexicans. They love it. It comes in a slender shaped bottle but never underrates its efficiency just based on the size.

It is important not to add so much of these to one meal and if this seasoning is not added appropriately, it can lead to the taste being too pronounced.

The food is too smoky or peppery. This is also one of the most used seasonings in the chef Paul cookbooks.

Though many people use it personally in different ways it was made mainly for soups, gravies also can be used for sauces.

Don’t see this seasoning as a substitute. Instead see it as if you want a more peppery, hotter meal, but if you want something lighter then go for the lighter seasonings.

Herbal Pizza And Pasta Magic

Do you want your meal to scent like it was transported from Italy?  then just use this seasoning. It has a great Italian flavor. This is also one of the most popular blends made by Chef Paul.

Herbal Pizza And Pasta Magic

It features pure parmesan cheese with herbs and different spices. This one should be used to make different meals like salad, pizza, eggs etc.

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