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All About Wireless Keyboard With Mouse

A wireless keyboard and mouse is one which does not use a cable to connect to the computer to function.

It does not need wires instead it uses signals in the air. A wireless keyboard can interact with a desktop computer, a laptop, and even some tablets.

wireless keyboard with mouse 1

The mechanism of connection with a wireless keyboard and mouse is by using either infrared, Bluetooth or radio signals.

When using radio frequency technology, the wireless mouse and keyboard communicate using radio signals or radio frequency.

Most wireless keyboards operate on a frequency of 2.4GHz but mostly it is usually in a range from 27 MHz to up to 2.4 GHz.

Bluetooth is also another means of communication and interaction between the wireless keyboard and mouse and the computer.

All that is needed to do is to switch on the keyboard or mouse and if there is a button that says switch on Bluetooth on the keyboard and mouse do so.

Definition of Each Component

The Keyboard

Is anything that can be used to input numbers, letters, signs or emoji on the screen of an electronic device, It could be described as an array of keys and buttons representing numbers and letters.

wireless keyboard with mouse 3

They could act as electronic switches too. If the keyboard is hardware and not a touch keypad on a screen, the buttons usually pop out from the hardware and have characters in form of signs, numbers, and letters printed or sometimes engraved on it.

The Mouse

This is another input device strictly for computers it is present both for desktop and a personal computer except that is of different fashions.

There is always a cursor on any computer screen and moving the mouse on a surface (must be flat enough) would cause a movement of the cursor on the screen.

wireless keyboard with mouse 4

The cursor is able to detect icons and links and test and anything that it can act on.

There are two buttons on the mouse and both are supposed to be clicked to get different results.

Originally the mouse was invented by a man named Douglas Engelbart. He was an employee at Xerox in the year 1963.

There are different types of mouse and just to mention a few we have, the mechanical mouse, the trackball mouse, optical mouse. Etc.

How to Connect it

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The wireless kit comes with a small USB connector, connect it in an available port of your laptop or pc and wait a few seconds, check the connection by moving the mouse. when it is connected it is ready to use.

Using the infrared tech, one can also use the wireless keyboard. Infrared uses light waves technology to send a signal to other devices that use infrared too.

Advantages of Using The New Wireless Technology

  • A wireless keyboard and mouse have a whole lot of advantages over the cable connection in that, it takes away all the disorganization that wires cause whether it is an office or a house. The tangling of wires can make the whole place look a lot more scattered than when they are not there.
  • Also, make sure there is a whole lot of workable space whether in the office or in the house. Most times when the cables get bad we just have to buy new appliances instead of changing the cables.
  • The possibility of having issues while using wireless keyboards and mouse is very slim. But there is an issue or mistakenly cutting the wires or the wires breaking inside is seldom experienced.
  • Also, people who have eye issues or who should not stay close to their computers for so long or at all, the wireless keyboards and mouse are a great pick as they not restricted to the length of any wire you can move to quite a distance while using them thereby protecting your eyes.

The Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

There are so many products out there in the market that offer wireless devices. Some of the best includes:

  • Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse
  • HP Wireless Elite v2 desktop keyboard
  • Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard with Mice

Apple Wireless Keyboard And Magic Mouse

These keyboards and mouse have the regular keyboard attributes like the number keys, alphabet keys and so on, the mouse uses a trackball.

Apple Wireless Keyboard And Magic Mouse 2


They are both connected to the computer via Bluetooth. The pairing and connection are usually automatically initiated except when it is a first-time connection.

Some devices come with iMac. This means that the devices are already paired to the computer and no need for paring. All that’s needed is just to switch on the computer.


One great feature about the Apple wireless keyboard and Magic mouse is the battery. It can last up to a month at just one quality charge.

The keyboard and mouse are being charged by a lightning cable provided by the Apple Company.

Another great feature of these wireless devices is on the mouse. There are no buttons or wheel-like stuff on the mouse. Instead, it makes use of touches and gestures and this reflects on the screen.

This one is sure one of the best wireless devices to acquire. It is important to state that the keyboard and mouse is not a pair. They come separately and they have to be bought separately.

HP Wireless Desktop Keyboard And Mouse

This keyboard works with radio frequency as it has a frequency of 2.4GHz. Even at a great distance of 10m the keyboard and mouse is still connected to the desktop computer and work is still going on.

HP Wireless Desktop Keyboard And Mouse 2


This device is compatible with most of the desktop computers and there’s little to worry about.

It also has a light indicator, indicating how much battery is left on the wireless keyboard. The keys of this one are very quiet and there is no discomfort as you type.

The keyboards are very slim and the mouse is very sleek. The mouse uses a scroll wheel, and this is so smooth like an actual wheel.

It also features an optical sensor. It is very comfortable to use and it does not matter if you are right handed or not.

It comes in a box which includes a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, 4 AAA Battery, and a wireless Nano receiver. These devices are compatible with all desktops using Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP

Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard With Mouse

When you think of Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo what comes first to mind is battery life.

Logitech MK710 Wireless Keyboard With Mouse 1

This keyboard and mouse are compatible with most desktop computers and notebooks from windows 10 down. It uses AA batteries which are known to last for over 3 years if used appropriately. This feature makes you worry less.

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