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The Best Wooden Watches For Men

Sometimes wooden materials may be seen as something somewhat short of quality, or lack of strength or, lack of style and finances. Well, this is not the same as far watches are concerned.

Watches have been made of wood and this process is still currently going on. Unlike many like to think, these watches are usually watched in class and style. It is made for people who are gentle and assured of hand safety and they would have to mind wherever their hand touches.

Wooden Watches For Men

You can as well say these watches are for royalties. It just speaks so much about class, be it a professional gathering or a social gathering or whatever is bringing people together, your wooden watches will stand out.

Many often ask why would you want or go for wooden watches when you can have a metal watch. There are different properties on both watches and both have their advantages and disadvantages over one another.

One property farm short by one is usually possessed by the other since they are made of different materials. To be able to shape parts of large wood into different useful works and not just works but a watch, or better still, shaping wood into different parts to make a watch is extremely awesome and that art should be appreciated.

List of The Most Recommended Wooden Watches For Men

Some of the best wooden watches you would come across include:

  • Mistura Infinite Mesh Pui Silver Wood
  • Komono Winston Gold
  • Jord Sawyer Series Chronograph Automatic
  • Cucol Grain Handmade
  • Treehut Mens wooden bamboo Watch
  • TJW Mens Natural Wooden Watches
  • Bewell W086b Analog Quartz Lightweight

Mistura Infinite Mesh Pui Silver Wood

This wristwatch is the true definition of class. It adds a classy, masculine and adorable view to the wearer. It possesses an allure of silver which is added in the beaded wristband and the wrist watches face.

The masculinity that comes with this watch makes it the perfect choice for many who want to show dominance and class as well as control. Many reviews about it keep talking about the strength and durability of the watch.

The tendency to make a mistake and destroy this one is highly unlikely. It is made of wood so the tendency of breaking is nearly impossible. The real strength of this watch is the degree of class it comes with.

Komono Winston Gold

Made of a leather wristband and a wooden face, what could possibly go wrong? This wristwatch is the true definition of durability. Giving true value for your money, sometimes you could agree that it gives more value for less. It also is full of class and style also.

Whether on a formal outing, be it business or school, or it just a casual party, this watch is game as it fits into any outfit irrespective of the color.

It features the wonderful Japanese quartz movement and these make it a bit eye-catching, also it features a sweet color pallet making it very attractive. What could possibly go wrong on this one?

Jord Sawyer Series Chronograph Automatic

The true definition of class and diverse abilities, then you have the Jord sawyer series. First, we start from the degree of strength possessed by this timepiece.

This time piece is one that can take a couple of hits and still remains standing. It never mistakenly hits the ground and dismantles. It makers took their time on this one. It is also extremely fashionable.

It can be with different outfits and virtually fits into any color. It adds a lot of masculinity to whoever is wearing and it quickly speaks of how much class you have got. It is one of the watches that will make you feel special as it commands respect.

Cucol Grain Handmade

This one from Cucol first doesn’t look like it was made from wood even when it was handcrafted. The craftsmen are really great at their jobs. If you want the light and cool benefits that come with a wooden watch yet you want the look of something different then go for this one.

This one will definitely give you a new compliment from a new person every time you put it one. The crafting of this watch is its strength as the watch looks too classy.

Treehut Mens Wooden Bamboo Watch

Treehut, a company making wooden watches came out with this watch and it is definitely worth being in this Pick,  it has the ability that gives it so much beauty. It has the ability to keep track of the day of the week and the month of the week.

It is a very dark brown watch which makes it easy to wear on every outfit and a wonderful look. It is multifunctional and this makes it useful in diverse conditions and situations. It is made of bamboo with brown leather

TJW Mens Natural Wooden Watches

A perfect watch for a man who wants increased masculinity, a feeling of control and aura of confidence, made of wood so it is very durable and strong. Could take a couple of hits and still be strong.

Having a designed square face, giving it a quite different look from other regular watches, it has a little bit of fun to it with its unique background pattern. This wooden watch is analog Quartz handmade casual wristwatch. It is very versatile and unique.

This makes the watch quite comfortable to use. It is also very lightweight so it does not add extra weight to the hands.

Bewell W086b Analog Quartz Lightweight

This one is just pure style. It just adds a nice look. Sends a message of class, brings all the confidence you need as you get all the compliments you deserve on this watch. It adds a lot to masculinity too and it gives a commanding feel.

This watch was made in be well but the wood was imported from Africa. It is known and loved my Many because of the lightweight. This watch would also be a great pick.

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